Hammer Made

Hammer Made
Photo by: Todd Buchanan

In this age of big-box retail and please-everyone mass merchandizing, who can remember a time when stores did one thing really well? Jason Hammerberg can. Last fall, the local clothing designer, who has done stints with Dayton’s and Kuhlman, opened Hammer Made. The menswear shop features Hammerberg’s dress-shirt collection, plus a selection of silk ties, dapper vests, and artisan cuff links. The store’s barn-meets-urban-loft layout contrasts nicely with the luxurious shirts, made from handpicked fabrics that range from staid stripes and solids to chic florals and paisleys. Staff members are well-versed in assisting the fashion-phobic, pairing shirts, fabrics, patterns, and accessories with clients’ suits and sport coats. Have your own design in mind? Hammerberg makes custom-fitted shirts, too. If you think you can’t afford such high-end haberdashery, think again: All shirts are priced between $75 and $125. Welcome back, specialty shop.

Edina, MN