Haute Ink: Tattoo-Inspired Design for Your Home

Once tattoo-wear hit Macy’s—think Ed Hardy low-rise sneakers, scarves, and T-shirts—I should have known tat-inspired home furnishings wouldn’t be far behind. It clicked when blogger Tate Gunderson posted an update from the ICFF show of Ted Nemeth Design wares. Nemeth creates darkly sensual custom leather furniture, embossed with the kind of designs and mottos (“Live Fast”) that more often appear on backs and biceps than on cabinets and cocktail tables. Even so, this hand-tooled, white leather cabinet is pretty darn fabulous.

More evidence that you may soon be putting tat art on your table (if not on your shoulder blade): Irezumi Ink dinnerware, designed by L.A. inker of the rich and famous Paul Timman and named Number 2 on Met Home’s “Design 100” this month. Each piece in the 4-piece place setting ($82) is festooned with the deep blue dragons and flowers of classical Japanese tattoos. (UPDATE: Walker Art Center Shop says they’ll carry the Irezumi dishes soon!)

Minnesota’s own Jessica Rust is also getting into the act with her Tattoo Collection with two colorful designs by Minneapolis tattoo artist Mike Tofano. She’ll create personalized mugs ($72 per set of 4), dessert plates ($98 per set of 4), and dessert set ($160 per set of 4 mugs and plates). Perfect wedding gifts or just gifts. I’ll take a mug, please. Inscribe it, “Write Hard, Die Free.”