Heart and Soul

The grace of Greta Oglesby

Incredibly easy-going in person, Greta Oglesby can transform onstage into, well, anything that’s asked of her. But she’s at her best, and loves, the kind of roles that put a fire under her and the audience, that take her to some passionate place far removed from the theater. She simply closes her eyes, opens her mouth, and goes. She stars this month in Penumbra Theatre’s The Amen Corner (at the Guthrie Theater) as Sister Margaret Alexander, a Baptist pastor torn begin earthly and heavenly passion. Here are some clips of her at her best.

Caroline, or Change: Oglesby broke through to a national audience as a maid in the Guthrie’s 2009 staging of Tony Kushner’s musical, a role she’s since played across the country.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Oglesby shows off the blues chops she couldn’t help honing while growing up in Chicago, not that her preacher father let her listen to much popular music.

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