Hello Pizza

Any Way You Slice It

There’s enough demand for Ann Kim’s pies that the pizzaiola opened a second shop a mere two miles from her wildly popular Pizzeria Lola. At her sleek new Hello Pizza, at 44th and France in Edina, the pies are large enough to be sold by the slice. Lola made its name on its textbook crusts and funky toppings; at Hello, the crusts are soft yet crispy, though with less char and puffy blisters. In lieu of Lola’s pineapple and house-made kimchi, Hello’s pies run more traditional: sausage-pepperoni-mushroom, veggie supreme. I prefer them to the average New York City slice, and also dig the thick-crust, square-cut Sicilian slices, aka flattened cheese-tomato casserole.  The Korean Cowboy is another gem: a meatball sub/bánh mì sandwich—abundant with the same veggie-herb garnishes and spicy-pickly flavors. My only complaint? Every time I order takeout, the staff hands me the irresistible soft-serve while they bake or heat my main course, and, inevitably—hel-lo!—my dinner is spoiled.

3904 Sunnyside Rd., Edina


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