Hollywood Glam Beveled Mirrors

Mirrors are like the magic wands of interior design—add a row of them in a narrow hallway, and poof (!) the hallway is larger. Put a wall-sized mirror opposite your dining room chandelier, and poof (!) the impact is magnified. One style that seems to be incredibly hot right now are mirror-framed mirrors, often with beveled detailing. I’m loving this look because its traditional, but also incredibly fresh—a note of 1940s Hollywood to the shape and styling, but more facets than you’d typically see in an antique. A great choice for over the mantel or above a lacquer entry console—guaranteed to add lots of stylish energy!

 [Pictured Above]
JEWEL OCTAGON MIRROR by Thomas Pleasant for Baker
The most buttoned-up of the three here, the “Jewel” is crafted using traditional Venetian techniques, from a big-fish designer. $4,369; through Traditions (if you buy through the end of March, after that it goes back to regular price of $7,245). Photo provided by Kohler Interiors.

HARLOW MIRROR by Motif Designs
The shape of this piece reminds me of fluted pie crusts—lovely. The slight tilt of the frame ensures extra reflection and glow. $650; through D & D Associates (you must purchase through the Design Connection, as D & D is a trade-only showroom.) Photo provided by Motif Designs.


This mirror almost has a nautical feel to it—a slight mimic of the porthole window. I love the extra layer of facets on the inside of the frame. $360 through Victory. (If you’re looking for an extra bargain, Victory also has one at its Minneapolis shop with a slight scratch on the front. The sales manager says they would be willing to take 30 percent off.) Photo provided by Two’s Company. 

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