Ian & Margery Punnett, FM107 Morning Show

A Balanced Breakfast,
FM107 Morning Show

Between us, our chronological average age is 44, but the average of the ages we act is 32.

We were born and raised in:
Margery was born and raised in Chicago; Ian was an early experiment in home birth and was born down the hall from where he lived in the Chicago suburbs.

We currently live in: St. Paul, Minn.

Five things we love most about the Twin Cities:
1. The friendly, funny people
2. The bike paths
3. The museums
4. Blocks of cute houses connected by
actual sidewalks
5. The presence of the Minnesota Vikings

Favorite local “hidden” treasure:
Whenever people visit us we share our favorite hidden treasures: The Fairy Tree off the bike path at Lake Harriet, and Candyland in downtown St. Paul—the best place to get a bag of treats for a dollar.

What is it like working together? Working together is nothing new—we’ve done that off and on for years. Early in our relationship, Margery would be working in the newsroom while Ian would be jocking records at radio stations, or Margery would be producing a news show for CNN where Ian was a guest. The new thing is collaborating on producing the same show. Now that’s different.

How do you come up with things to talk about each morning?
Most of what we talk about is taken directly from our relationship, our family and the knowledge of what interests and entertains the other person in the relationship. We are both news junkies and often stop a conversation we’re having the night before a show just before the conversation gets really interesting with the promise of continuing it on the air the next morning.

What have you learned about Minnesotans while interviewing them on the radio?

Even at 5 a.m. they are a lot sharper than we are!