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Stuart DeVann, Chief Executive Officer and Steve Pampuch, Chief Operating Officer

In today’s world, Information Technology is the ramp used to launch businesses into the next realm. At Implex, a technology solutions company in Minneapolis, they understand the importance of adapting to constantly changing technology in order for businesses to stay relevant in the digital economy and marketplace.

“The I.T. world is rapidly moving towards ‘IP everything, IP everywhere’ and this transition is allowing us to deliver data, applications and content on a single network to our clients. This ‘IP revolution’ is the basis for our ‘I.T.’s about you’ business philosophy,†says Stuart DeVaan, CEO.

Steve Pampuch, COO, says, “I.T. means a lot of things–from Internet access to web hosting to network management and website development.  We look at the whole picture instead of just a single set of tools,†Pampuch explains. “We don’t believe in a single solution. We review the individual needs of that company and go from there.â€

One of Implex’s proudest accomplishments is maintaining outstanding relationships with our clients, DeVaan adds.

Implex is proof that despite living in a constantly changing high-tech world, it’s old-fashioned customer service that still makes a lasting impression.


109 South 7th Street, Suite 255
Roanoke Building
Minneapolis, MN 55402
612-339-8255 – 866-807-6017