Increasing Curb Appeal

Dear expert: How can I best use stone or brick to create curb appeal and update my home’s exterior?

A. Masonry products—brick and stone—are traditionally used as structural elements in construction. Even if our homes are no longer constructed of brick or stone, our mind’s eye wants to see a good structural and weighted appearance. Following this idea, it’s best to use brick or stone on full sections of the house, making it look as if the section is a structure built completely out of masonry. This can give specific parts of the home the architectural definition they deserve. Masonry installed along lower portions of the house can create a sturdy visual foundation for your home. We also recommend wrapping masonry around corners to give your home depth. Not doing so could give your home a paper-thin effect.

—Nathan Jorgenson, Exterior design showroom coordinator
Hedberg Landscape and Masonry Supplies