Inside the Guthrie’s New Carol

Behind the scenes of the clever new production

Your favorite scenes are still there. And so are some of your favorite actors, albeit sometimes in different roles: Bob Davis is Mr. Fezziwig, Isabell Monk O’Connor is Mrs. Dilber, Kris Nelson is Bob Cratchit, and Lee Mark Nelson is Jacob Marley. Up-and-comer Ali Rose Dachis is both Sally and Deidre Fezziwig, and Kate Eifrig is the winsome Ghost of Christmas Past.

But this annual production of A Christmas Carol—a tradition since 1975—has been freshened up. Directed by Joe Dowling, it follows a new script, written by a British-American playwright in his early 40s. It’s a little more streamlined (though not as much as last year’s brisk interim version—there is an intermission), and a lot wittier. Out with the stuffing, in with the goosing.

In this video, Dowling and playwright Crispin Whittell discuss their vision for the show:


And in this video, you get a glimpse at the new costumes and very new set: