Insights 2014 Design Lecture Series


When New York–based designer Lance Wyman started his own office in 1979, the Minnesota Zoo was his first project. “The moose ‘M’ is one of my favorite icon designs,” he says. Those who visited the zoo in the years that followed will surely remember Wyman’s iconic lettering, which also included a beluga whale turned into a numeral 1 and a horned bill 2 identifying the Tropics Trail.


Wyman will be back in town in March as part of the Walker’s Insights lecture series spanning four Tuesdays and bringing in graphic-design pros across disciplines including public art, commercial design, and web graphics. Design consciousness has become part of the everyday conversation across so many professions, not to mention everyday life—think Target in the late ’90s linking designer sensibilities to home goods and everyday duds, democratizing ideas that used to be the realm of art studios and advertising shops.  (Boiling water for tea became more fun with those whimsical Michael Graves kettles.) Lecture attendees might find themselves sitting next to a videogame engineer, a boutique owner, or even this humble magazine editor—surely all influenced by innovations in design from our younger years.

“I have the moose ‘M’ hanging in my studio,” adds Wyman. “And last year my 3-year-old granddaughter asked if she could have it. That was its best compliment.”

Insights 2014 lectures:

Lance wyman (new york), 3/4
Sara de bondt (london), 3/11
Martine syms (los angeles), 3/18
Herik nygren (stockholm), 3/25