It’s Just Lunch


Kate Peper, Director, It’s Just Lunch

A Deliberate, Personalized Approach To Dating

At A Glance

– Established in 1991.
– Over 80 locations nationwide.
– Confidential in-person interviews.
– Personalized matching.
– IJL takes care of all the details; from coordinating schedules to restaurant reservations.
– First dates are arranged for either lunch or a drink after work at great local restaurants.
– Typical IJL clients are successful professionals, ranging in age from late 20’s to early 60’s.


hire someone to do your taxes and spend time with a personal trainer. But when it comes to your dating life, you’ve been trying to do that by yourself.

So … how’s that going?

Kate Peper and her team of Directors at It’s Just Lunch, are the answers to outsourcing that part of your personal life. “You would never take a shot-in-the-dark approach to your professional life,†Kate says. “Yet, that’s often the trap busy singles fall into when trying to meet someone in their personal lives.â€

There is a better, more intelligent way to date and increase your odds of finding that special someone.  It’s Just Lunch is an efficient and smart proposition for letting someone else do the background work and handle the logistics – while you concentrate on that busy calendar you face every day.

Whether you’re trying to get back in the loop of dating after a divorce or break-up; are new in town; or yearn for someone special sitting next to you at your next family get-together, It’s Just Lunch is the answer to get you started.

Kate has been with the Twin Cities’ franchise for over six years and has a long track record of engagements and marriages to her credit. As one of the most recognized Directors in the nationwide It’s Just Lunch system, she has helped thousands of busy professional singles meet quality, like-minded people. Kate’s deep passion for her work, coupled with a warm personality and genuine understanding of the needs of her clients, have contributed to her success in the matchmaking profession. 

“Dating is such an important part of your life and shouldn’t be left to chance,†she says. And online dating has only made that process more difficult for many people, not just because of the time it takes to peruse profiles after long days at work, but also because there are so many blind spots in that mechanism.

The careful approach to maintaining confidentiality, and knowing one won’t be a vulnerable profile out there in cyberspace for all to see, are attractive qualities of the IJL experience. Plus, the concept of a simple lunch or drink after work is a no-pressure, lighter backdrop for that first meeting. 

Kate is always an advocate for her clients. “My job is to be selective for my clients and introduce them to quality people they wouldn’t otherwise meet.  There is nothing better than hearing about an engagement from clients I’ve matched!â€

So let someone else do the work for you on this one. It’s Just Lunch isn’t a last resort. According to this matchmaker, “It’s a deliberate way to be proactive about your personal life, the way you are about everything else.â€

It’s Just Lunch

Minneapolis – 612-376-7373
St. Paul – 651-228-0070