January 2007 College Athlete of the Month: William Maupins

“He is one of the most complete players that I have coached.”
– Head Coach David Staniger


St. Scholastica
Year: Senior
Team: Men’s Basketball
Position: Point Guard

Setting a school record is an exemplary feat for any college athlete. Breaking that very record your next game is practically unheard of… that is, unless you’re St. Scholastica’s William Maupins.

The senior point guard banked 15 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in a game against University of Wisconsin-Superior this season. It was the first triple-double in school history. Then, the very next game against Augsburg, William topped his previous performance by recording an incredible 19 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

“He is one of the most complete players that I have coached,” says Head Coach David Staniger. “He knows exactly what our team needs and when we need it. It may be a big defensive stop, getting others involved offensively or scoring himself.”

The Rosemount native, who also played football and baseball in the early days, began developing these basketball skills — like his favorite moves, the spin and rocker step — at a very young age.

Photo provided by St. Scholastica’s
Sports Information Office

“I started as soon as I was strong enough to pick up a basketball and I’ve been playing ever since. My father Bill likes to take credit for teaching me everything I know about the sport, and although I deny it, I have to give him most of the credit.”

William also praises his former coach Tom Stackpool—who he says is ‘like family’—at Mesabi Community College, where William began his collegiate basketball career. Coach Staniger recruited and courted Williams while he played at MCC.

“William stood out because he has the ability to play all phases of the game,” Staniger says. “He is a very good passer, can score, and is an excellent rebounder and defender.”

Although William refers to his time at MCC as “two wonderful years,” Staniger convinced William there was an immediate place for him on St. Scholastica’s team and that his style of play would fit with their basketball program. Add on Scholastica’s additional draws and William’s decision to transfer made sense.

“Academically it’s fantastic, and the people that work there are determined to help you graduate with a degree you’ve truly earned. After my parents gave their approval of the college, that was it, I was a Saint.”

Ever since, he’s been a strong contributor. So far this season he made all-tournament team at the UWS tournament and Nebraska tournament, and was named the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference player of the week twice. Last year—his first season at St. Scholastica—he was named first team all-conference and first team all-defensive.

“He has a great feel for the game. He’s a very smart basketball player,” Staniger says.

These smarts seem to transfer to the classroom as well, which William takes very seriously.

“I am a very competitive person who loves challenging myself, so the difficult curriculum has been something that I have looked forward to taking on, and so far I have been realizing that when I put everything I have into accomplishing a task, I can do anything, and that includes both on and off the court.”

William’s contributed to the University newspaper, is part of the intercultural club and will graduate this spring with a Communication degree, although he has yet to decide exactly what career avenue he’ll pursue.

“Being a journalist has always been in the back of my mind, but my dream would have to be to write screenplays for either television, or of course the big screen.”

Photo provided by St. Scholastica’s
Sports Information Office

William’s also considering advertising and marketing, or even pursuing an acting degree—he’s hoping to audition for the University’s spring play if he can find the time. Basketball comes first though, as it has for years. This ‘super senior’ is facing his last collegiate season with very high hopes.

“We plan on winning the UMAC Conference outright and then winning the Conference tournament. With the talent we have and the improvement we are making every day, we all feel that there is no other team in our conference who will be able to stop us. Now that’s not to say we are just going to take it easy. We know we will have tough games on the way to our goal.”

If William has anything to say about it—and no doubt he will, with a few more record-reaching performances—this goal has a valid chance of becoming a reality.

“We have the ability to really light it up. After we clean up a few issues on the defensive end of the court we are going to be tough to beat.”