January 2012 Letters to the Editor

Runestone Ruminations

I was dismayed to see the criticism, rumor, and innuendo that your article “Runestone Cowboy” (December) contained regarding distinguished scholars Dr. Henrik Williams and Dr. Richard Nielsen. Nielsen has done more to unravel the mystery of the Kensington Runestone than anyone in history. His efforts are to be admired and revered, not demeaned and ridiculed.

David O. N. Johnson
Eden Prairie


I thoroughly enjoyed Runestone Cowboy. It was a balanced, great read. I am disappointed that, given the opportunity to say something intelligent, [researcher] Dick Nielsen chose to make sure everyone knows how great he is, tries to dumb down fellow researcher Scott Wolter, and throws his own past work under the bus—a strategy he has been using for several years. A reasonably intelligent, 77-year-old man should know better.

Darwin Ohman
New Brighton


Birth Pangs

Gregory J. Scott’s article “Home Delivery” (November) did a commendable job in pointing out the growing demand for and the safety of birth centers. However, we at Alisha’s Care Center feel that Scott shortchanged our center. The window with “bulging insulation” is the exception in an effort to turn a farmhouse into a welcoming birth center. All the windows have been replaced with energy-efficient ones. The floor has been refinished. And the “miles and miles of tall grass” are the neighbor’s pastures and fields. The last time I saw that much grass, I was in South Dakota.

Posted by johnk on mnmo.com

Nice article. I helped Amy Claseman early on and am so happy to see Alisha’s Care Center succeed. I wish the article could have conveyed the hours of work and community support that went into getting the building ready. Amy is so often surprised by a donation of exactly what she needs.

Posted by neighbor to the west on mnmo.com

During a recent meeting with a neonatologist at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, a doctor gave the head of neonatology a copy of “Home Delivery” to read. Great job! The undercurrents are strong for a revolution of maternity-care reform in Minnesota!

Paula Bernini Feigal
Founder, Morning Star Women’s Health and Birth Center, St. Paul