January Uncorked

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Cost to ring in the New Year if you opt for a bottle of Champagne Bollinger RD 1990, the most expensive bubbly stocked by Surdyk’s. Can’t spare the cash? Check out André California Champagne, a $4.69 sparkling wine that Surdyk’s staff members highly recommend…for ship christenings.




The amount of weight, in pounds, that the average American gains during the holiday season. Nine percent put on at least 5 pounds between November and January. And, we’re estimating, about 9 percent receive Frango gift packs.




New members at the Uptown Minneapolis YWCA in January 2005; less than one-fifth as many typically sign up during the slowest summer months. And yes, all those January joiners are ahead of you in line for the StairMaster.




Inches of snow that fell on January 20, 1982, the snowiest January day recorded in Minnesota history. We’re guessing about half the population spent four-plus hours digging out—expending more than 1,500 calories in the process. The other half? Ponied up for a snowblower.



Less than 1

Years after which a New York Times reporter wrote that St. Paul “would be an exceedingly good place to establish a training school for North Pole explorers” that 40 businessmen met to discuss the idea of a carnival to celebrate (rather than disparage) Minnesota winters. The Saint Paul Winter Carnival, started in 1886, has been a tradition ever since.




Average number of calories in a serving of deep-fried cheese curds, one of the most popular treats at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. Can’t bear to think how many hours of shoveling or StairMastering it would take to burn off that indulgence? We’ve got a $4.69 bottle of André to help you forget about that….