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This month’s burning topic: Money.

The Great Recession officially ended in 2010. Are you:

59% – Better off

5% – Worse off

36% – About the same

What’s one thing you’d like to buy but can’t afford right now? 

“An un-used car”

“A trip to Europe”

“A Disney cruise”

“A bigger apartment”


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income today in the Minneapolis metro area isn’t statistically different than in 2010.


What’s your current biggest debt?

10% – Home mortgage

53% – Student loans

5% – Car payment

32% – Credit cards

Experts say you should have at least three to six months expenses saved up. Do you have:

50% – More than that

36% –Less than that

14% – What savings?

What money advice do you have for people younger than you?


“There is no such thing as ‘live and learn’ when it comes to money. LISTEN and learn from others!” –Hayley P. 

“Save something! Even if it is only $10 a month.” –Michael E.

How do you feel about your financial situation?

64% – Optimistic

9% – Pessimistic

27% – Who knows?