July 2006 Letters to the Editor

It’s Hard out Here for a Strib

How could David Brauer analyze our McClatchyized, Gyllenhaaled Star Tribune (“Rewrite Man,” June) without covering its worst sin of commission yet: its virtual partnership with the Minnesota Twins for a new, largely publicly funded stadium? Naturally, the Strib isn’t going to explore such self-serving issues as a new stadium possibly reviving and rejuvenating a moribund and dangerous downtown Minneapolis, thereby improving the fortunes of the Strib’s very important downtown Minneapolis-based advertisers and enhancing the value of Strib-owned downtown properties. (You’d think Brauer, the former editor of a downtown Minneapolis newspaper, would have had that at the top of his list of questions for Mr. G.)

In my 55 years of reading Minneapolis newspapers, never have I seen the state’s largest paper prostitute itself as the Strib has done under Gyllenhaal on the Twins stadium issue. Its cadre of in-house writers of ill repute range from Pat Reusse, Jim Souhan, and, of course, Sid Hartman to Barbara Flanagan, for goodness’ sake. Only Nick Coleman and—surprisingly—Katherine Kersten on the Strib staff had the acuity and courage to write against public funding of a Twins stadium.

Gyllenhaal, the man in the Strib’s editorial barrel, must now realize that if you do it for one, you must do it for all, and you can be sure the customers, led by the Vikings, are breathing hard and lining up for their turn.

According to Brauer, Gyllenhaal once wrote that his biggest worry was “we’ll somehow fail to pass this precious profession in its full glory to the next generation.” If Gyllenhaal’s idea of glorifying journalism is dumbing down and fluffing up the Strib and pimping for billionaire Carl Pohlad to benefit his own newspaper, God help us all.


“Fudge” Ripple

I have just read the article “Daddy Works Blue” (Back Talk, June). Although I commend Paul Scott for realizing the bad example he was setting for his daughter, I also would like him to realize that “that” word is very offensive to most people, including other men. I don’t think that people who use the word realize this. We have lived in a small town in northern Minnesota for six years now, and I have never heard that word used by men or women here. When I do hear it, it comes from people from the city. Any bad language is a pollutant and accomplishes nothing except to offend others.


Psychic Trends

I found your article on Minnesota psychics (“Can You Hear Me Now?”, May) absolutely fascinating. Although I’m probably closest to a psychic “agnostic”—not sure whether I believe or disbelieve—Cathy Madison’s article certainly tempted me to tip into the believers’ camp. I can’t make up my mind until a psychic indisputably reads my mind, but for the first time, I’m actually wondering if I should give one the chance. Thanks for running a very entertaining and intriguing piece! I predict you’ll get a strong response to it.

Via e-mail

Via e-mail

I had a meeting with Suzanne Krupp, one of the psychics featured in your article. She was very accurate in describing my father. She is an amazing woman with a special gift, which I believe in. I loved her positive energy, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who believes in communicating with their loved ones. She described numerous details so vividly. It was amazing.

Via e-mail


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