July 2010 Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers regarding the last issues of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>

Wesley Endures

I am disappointed that Minnesota Monthly did not check facts about Wesley United Methodist Church before printing “Endangered Spaces” (June). The building is not “in danger of being mothballed or sold for speculative development.” The building is in daily use for meetings and special events. Weddings are booked there into 2011. Saturday meals, a long-time free lunch offered at the site, continue. The church is well tended by a full-time custodian and a building manager.

A United Methodist congregation worshipped in the Wesley building until January 2010, at which point it relinquished the building to the Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Minnesota Conference trustees are considering creative proposals to make sure the building continues to be a vital presence in the community. The article warned readers “next year these beauties might be gone.” This does not apply to Wesley Church—and you would have discovered this if you had checked the facts with the Minnesota Conference and not relied on only one source.

Bishop Sally Dyck
Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our piece noted that the church is no longer home to its “historic” congregation, and that another ongoing use must be found for the building if it is to survive.

Drug Scene, 2010

“User Friendly” (June) was anything but shocking. I went to high school in a small northern Minnesota town 15 years ago. I could have gotten any drug I wanted very easily. Sure, we didn’t have cell phones, but we didn’t need them to make drug deals during class. This article is just trying to make parents paranoid. Don’t buy into it.

Not Paranoid
Submitted via mnmo.com


“Best Doctors for Women” (May) incorrectly identified Tracy L. Prosen’s employer. Dr. Prosen works at the University of Minnesota, and practices at Riverside, Southdale, Ridges, and North Memorial hospitals, and Maple Grove Medical Center.

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