Jumpin Jack Stats

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Combined ages of the four veteran members of the Rolling Stones, who bring their 2005 world tour to St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center on September 6.

Cost of the best Stones seats at the X. At Target Center this fall, top tickets for U2’s Vertigo Tour stop on September 23 are $160; for Coldplay’s show on September 20, best seats run $50.75. Experience, it seems, will cost you.

Amount a certain MNMO staffer shelled out in 2005 for U2 Vertigo Tour tickets. Three shows, two cities, only one pair of seats at face value (obviously). And hey, it wasn’t Tim Gihring.

No. 1
Rank of Romance of the Violin, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra violinist and conductor Joshua Bell’s latest album, on the 2004 Billboard classical music charts. Number of postings on a fan site discussing whether the heartstring-tugging 37-year-old virtuoso is married or not: 11. For the record, ladies, he’s married only to his music.

Amount of dialogue, in minutes, in the original Debbie Does Dallas film. Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical, a campy adaptation that will be performed in the Twin Cities this fall, is substantially more, um, fleshed out.

Approximate number of wigs used in Guthrie Theater productions last season. Number of Guthrie staffers required to deal with all the wigs: 5. Number who get “wigged out” by season’s end: unknown.

Number of characters portrayed by hip-hop theater artist Will Power in his one-man show Flow, which comes to the new Cargill Stage of the Children’s Theatre Company in November. That’s about one new persona every two minutes, including Swea P., Preacha Man, and New Groun. Hamlet, apparently, didn’t make the cut.

Number of fedoras worn in the Guy Noir ballet, inspired by Garrison Keillor’s popular sketch and performed by the James Sewell Ballet this fall. No word on whether the dancers’ costumes will be so tight you can read the laundry instructions on their underwear.