June 2006 Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers regarding the latest issue of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>.

Cue the Spooky Music

I have a very exciting message for the “Minnesota mediums” featured in the May issue: if they can prove their psychic powers under scientifically observable conditions, the James Randi Educational Foundation will award them $1 million. That’s right, a one followed by six zeros!

All they have to do is go to www.randi.org/research/index.html and sign up for the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. They’ll see that this is a completely legitimate fund developed by James Randi for the explicit purpose of putting his money where his skeptical mouth is.

Perhaps the mediums interviewed in your article already know about the challenge (being that they’re psychic and all). Either way, I encourage them to sign up. I mean, what’s to stop them from claiming this easily won money, if they can really do all the things they say they can do?

(That sound you hear is them scurrying out of the light.)


Rock On

Just wanted to let you know that your article on spring getaways (“Spring Quartet,” April) couldn’t have come at a better time. I had to go to Madison, Wisconsin, for a conference, and my husband and I planned on spending a little extra time exploring the area on our way back to the Twin Cities. We planned on going to House on the Rock in Spring Green, so I was excited to see the town listed as one of your getaways. The drive from Madison was beautiful, and we made a point to stop at some of the places you listed. We had a wonderful visit with glass blower Colleen Ott at the Art on 23 Gallery. She and her dog are truly extraordinary, and she was full of tidbits about Alex Jordan and “the House,” as she once had a studio there. In addition to our glass art purchases, I found a wonderful pair of earrings at Cabochon Gems and Designs, and the artist made sure they fit and looked perfect on me.

The House on the Rock is an all–day affair. We were disappointed that the glass floor in the Infinity Room has been covered up (too many freak-outs, I’m told). It was a fun time, though we did not get to see everything there, as some of the exhibits are closed until summer. It was very clean and family friendly—however, it’s easy to get sensory overload after a couple of hours.

I would go back to the area again and spend more time. There is also a cave, many winemakers, and even a mustard museum to see. It’s all part of the Uplands area of southwestern Wisconsin. For more information, visit the website www.uplands.ws. Good call, Minnesota Monthly!


Holistic Statistics

I eagerly picked up your magazine with the “Top Doctors for Women” headline (March). As a childbirth educator, doula, midwifery student, and mother, I was particularly disappointed that you didn’t have listings for midwives. Studies have shown time and again that midwives (both in the hospital and at home) have better birth outcomes—lower cesarean birth rates, lower mother and infant mortality rates, and lower procedure rates of all kinds. The word midwife means “with woman.” True midwifery care cannot be matched for normal pregnancies and births. In many other parts of the world, where midwifery care is standard, the birth statistics are far superior to ours. Did you know that the almighty USA ranks 31st in maternal mortality? That is a very sad fact.

I think women are generally interested in holistic practitioners of all kinds. I would love to see an article on those kinds of practitioners—midwives, chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, and the many other modalities that are out there. Also, a profile on doulas would be great as well.


New Patients? Yes

I am one of the “Top Doctors for Women” listed in the March issue of your magazine. However, the list incorrectly states that I am seeing no new patients. We are happy to see new patients here at the Park Nicollet Perinatal Clinic. We do ask for a referral from the woman’s physician. Your article should note “New patients by referral only.”

Director, Perinatal Clinic
Specialist, Maternal Fetal Medicine
Park Nicollet Clinic–Meadowbrook
St. Louis Park