June 2009 Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers regarding the last issues of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>


For Ladies Only?

I must object to what I think is an improper casting of the article profiling a set of obviously excellent doctors as 200 “Top Doctors For Women” (May). I think this is seriously insulting, as it insinuates that there are doctors that may well be excellent for men, but would not be as excellent for women. If we take a step beyond the idea that some women may feel more comfortable with a female gynecologist, the remainder of this concept is even more egregious. And sexist. I applaud the profiling of excellence, but please think hard about casting excellence in gender specifics.

Rory Thompson


In this day and age I would expect better ways to judge the quality of care a physician delivers. Recommendations from colleagues speak of cronyism, and certainly they are a very small part of finding a quality doctor. In no way can I take your best doctors report seriously until you start reporting facts with quantitative measures that demonstrate how well a doctor performs against best practices and how well they work with clients to maximize hard-earned dollars. Give me facts, not endless fluff.

Mark Stewart

Crisis of Faith

I would like to correct a serious oversight by Tim Gihring in his recent article “Welcome to Paganistan” (May). Gihring stated that a pagan temple in the Twin Cities “still doesn’t exist.” This is simply not true. Temple of the River opened its doors in Minneapolis in August 2004. It has moved from a small attic-level shrine to a nice house in Northeast, and now is moving into its permanent location: a traditional Irish cottage building, complete with hardened earth floors just three blocks from the river.

Temple of the River is the first and only Celtic polytheist or “pagan” temple with a permanent, traditionally constructed worship space in Minnesota and probably in North America. We look forward to hosting an open house at the new space in May.

As the priest at Temple of the River, I appreciate the friendly tone of Gihring’s article—polytheists face religious intolerance on a daily basis, and media coverage helps alleviate that. However, it takes more than a friendly attitude to spread awareness. Even a quick 10-minute search of any pagan networking site would have revealed numerous local temples and organizations that help shape the pagan community. Stating that we are without a place of worship is irresponsible and plain inaccurate.

The Reverend Andrew Jacob
Temple of the River

Steeped in Tradition

What a pleasure to read Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s restaurant critiques. Kudos, also, to Sue Zelickson, for mentioning a personal favorite: afternoon tea (“Sue Z. Says,” May) While the St. Paul Hotel is truly grand, I would also recommend the Avalon Tea Room, in White Bear Lake, and Mad Hatter’s, in historic downtown Anoka. Those remain my two favorites for daily afternoon tea with friends.

Linda Marie Louie

Too Many Cooks

Can you get a better food critic? She apparently thinks ham and bacon make a clam chowder good (“Lola’s Lakehouse,” May). Why not add some cheese and salsa, too, and for sure add some wild rice.

Bob Jones


Our “Top Doctors for Women” issue incorrectly reported the category and contact information for the following physicians:

Deborah L. Day
Consulting Radiologists
1221 Nicollet Mall, Ste. 600

Diagnostic Radiology
Mary J. Hestness
Consulting Radiologists
1221 Nicollet Mall, Ste. 600


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