Larry Millet Talks Castles

Learn more about grandeur lost in the Twin Cities with architectural historian and author Larry Millet

People love talking about the good old days—simpler times when jazz music was considered controversial and Prohibition made drinking even more fun. It was during this bigger-is-better era that castle-like mansions dominated the Twin Cities, taking up prime property and burning up business mavens’ bank accounts. And it’s of these grandiose homes and reckless homeowners that architectural historian Larry Millett writes about in his latest book, Once There Were Castles. Learn more about the past majesties of the Twin Cities and Millett’s research tomorrow at the Hopkins Community Library, then be sure to take a look at his book, full of photos and stories that seem too grand to be true.

Larry Millett discusses There Once Were Castles
Tuesday, October 11
6:30 p.m.
Hopkins Community Library, 22 11th Ave. N., Hopkins