Modern historians fret that the juicy tidbits once found in paper correspondence—for example, the love letters of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre—will disappear in an age of digital messaging. Delete, delete, delete. Empty trash. What will future civilizations know of our existence?

If you hope to leave a lasting impression, literary or otherwise, Kimberley Yurkiewicz and Zach Barocas are here to assist. Letterbox, their Uptown store, celebrates the lost art of letter-writing, providing everything but the perfumed kisses to seal your romantic missives and the salty tears to stain your Dear Johns.

A diverse palette of ï¬nely crafted Crane & Co. stationary awaits your eloquent signature. There are wedding and soirée invitations with raised type and the kind of individuality that comes only from a letterpress. Keep tabs on your postings to fellow correspondents with the aid of a handsome planner, or simply chart your course in the New Year with an attractive calendar.

Better yet, quit clacking away at that keyboard (when did capital letters become passé?), and pick up one of the beautiful fountain pens sold at Letterbox. Then script a thank you, a mash note, an epistle to the Galatians. Write a letter. Leave a trace.