Linden Hills

Is this Mayberry? The intersection of Upton and 43rd Street in Minneapolis has always been a touch Rockwellian—and a welcoming place for children in particular. For starters, there’s the nationally acclaimed Wild Rumpus Books (2720 W. 43rd St.; 612-920-5005), which features the best picture-book selection in town, a can’t-miss story-time session on Monday mornings, and even a pair of pet chickens that rule the roost. Just around the corner, Creative Kidstuff (4313 Upton Ave. S., 612-927-0653) brims with puzzles, games, Rube Goldberg gadgets, and even toys so simple an adult might stand a chance of mastering them. Nearby Wonderment (4306 Upton Ave. S., 612-929-2707) is stocked with natural toys and creative pastimes for adventurers of all ages. Not sure your tykes will survive an afternoon in tow? Promise to stop at Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream (4321 Upton Ave. S., 612-926-7916) for a scoop of something strawberry, creamy, or nutty. Afterward, you can pick up a free sample or a fresh loaf at Great Harvest Bread Co. (4314 Upton Ave. S., 612-929-2899) or arrange to meet your mother/sister/nanny for dinner at Rice Paper (2726 W. 43rd St., 612-926-8650). Those kids in Mayberry never had it this good.

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