Local Heroes: Michael Honeycutt & George Warzinik


Presented to a law enforcement officer who, in performing his or her job, acted above and beyond the call of duty.

Last year Minneapolis Police Officers Michael Honeycutt and George Warzinik were responding to a noise disturbance call when they noticed 10 foot flames leaping from the roof of a nearby home.

They immediately notified dispatch but didn’t wait to take action. The officers hurried to the house and began banging on the door to wake the occupants.

Once inside, Officers Honeycutt and Warzinik went room-to-room, waking the residents and helping them to safety.

They worked quickly to move everyone out of the house, watching as the flames continued to grow to 20 feet. The roof was now fully engulfed. At any moment, it could collapse on them and trap them inside.

The officers showed extreme bravery with little regard for their own safety and did not leave the home until all of the occupants were safely outside. They helped 18 children and 3 adults escape the burning residence.

Officers Honeycutt and Warzinik could have easily waited outside for the fire department to arrive, but instead chose to enter the house, putting their own safety in jeopardy and risking serious physical injury to save the residents. We are pleased to honor them with the Law Enforcement award this year.