Love Your Heart, Know Your Numbers

It’s time… to take your heart-health personally!

You understand the importance of good nutrition and daily exercise. But do you know your individual risk of developing cardiovascular disease?

It’s time to take your heart health personally. Heart disease isn’t just “someone else’s problem.” As a woman, it’s your problem.

Go Red For Women is our national movement to help women recognize and reduce their risk of heart disease. Join today as a gift to yourself and your loved ones! Just visit or call 888-MY-HEART to receive a free red dress pin, a monthly e-newsletter and access to member programs, local events and Go Red merchandise.

Our online Go Red Heart Checkup is an evaluation of your overall heart health that can help you now and in the future. By assessing your risks, you can work with your doctor to reduce your odds of getting heart disease tomorrow, next year, or 30 years from now!

  • Visit, click on “Know Your Numbers” and enter your health numbers in the assessment tool.
  • Print your personal report and take it to your doctor, who can help you chart your path to lifelong heart health!