Loving It: Target's Shoppes

There’s always a lot of clamoring and OMG’ing around Target’s designer collaborations, and sometimes the hype bears it out, and sometimes it doesn’t—either in quantity (Missoni, ahem) or quality (most are hit-and-miss).

When Target rebranded their designer collaboration strategy, I definitely had my doubts. I didn’t think the goods were merchandised as well as they could be, I didn’t think they had the same impact, and on and on.

But I will say this: on this particular go-round, MAN do I like the way the preview photos look—in particular the Patch NYC and Curiosity Shoppe (what’s with all the Shoppes?). And the Nate Berkus collection, which is not part of the Shoppes as I understand it, but a designer collaboration nonetheless, also looks especially nice for the price.

I always feel the need to do a little nesting this time of year, especially because I don’t have a need for those newly sharpened pencils or a fresh box of Crayolas (but I still love the smell of both). You with me? If so, here are a couple of my picks from the collections.

I still, still, still cannot get enough of gold finishes. Maybe I’m over silver forever? These Nate Berkus hammered-gold bowls are just fueling the obsession. (Shown above.)

I’m not over the woodland-creatures trend yet. Love these deer (and faux bois!) themed serving pieces. Patch NYC also has some darling pillows and dessert bowls. Snap up anything with foxes—they’re hot.

I predicted a couple of years ago in Minnesota Monthly that an arrow trend would follow chevron prints. Maybe The Curiosity Shoppe reads my articles? Either way, I love this set.