Luxury all wrapped up

The tour is all wrapped up for 2008 and there were some really amazing homes to see. I was fortunate enough to go to a little party at one of the homes on Sunday evening and got to enjoy this home in a different way. It was a catered event where we were able to wander through the home and really enjoy every gorgeous detail of that home. Spending time in these homes you sure do notice all the details, from the amazing hand blown pennants over the master vanity and the kitchen island to the steel art with a picaso theme over the fireplace, both done by local artists. 
You will have the opportunity to see these homes again when we publish our August issue of Midwest Home Magazine. This issue is the commemorative issue for the Luxury Home Tour and is always a great way to re-visit these homes or see them for the first time. This issue is always an issue that is proudly displayed on coffee tables with all of the beautiful photography.