Magazine as Supper Club

If you’re a regular reader of Minnesota Monthly or a Minnesota Public Radio listener, you know me primarily as a restaurant critic, grazing my way across the local culinary landscape to find you the best burgers, tiki drinks, or table for your next date. When I tell people what I do for a living, they often remark on what a charmed life a food writer must live. And they’re mostly right. Especially when the job compels you to check out every new taproom in the city. Or dress up in a Galactic Pizza superhero costume and go deliver pies. Or bequeath a restaurant a new toilet seat (Google it).

But I’ve traded all this—in a decision surprisingly not made under the influence of too many tiki drinks—for a job previously held by both Atlas and Sisyphus: overseeing the magazine as its editor in chief. My reason, if I may use another food metaphor, is that I see this role as akin to that of the host of an epic dinner party: I’m facilitating a conversation among Minnesotans about the things that matter to us—which includes both a trusted recommendation of where to spend your next weekend getaway and a thoughtful reflection on a profound cultural change. Joining me on this mission will be our new senior editor, Quinton Skinner, a veteran scribe who has been a fixture in the Twin Cities arts and culture scene. He’s waded into my old territory with a rich profile of our Restaurateur of the Year. I’d encourage you to make his acquaintance there.  

Then: share your ideas with us—talk, click, tweet, choose the medium you prefer. Go to our online poll at and tell us which forthcoming restaurant you’re most anticipating. Or submit your food photography to win a pair of tickets to the Grand Red Tasting at this year’s Food and Wine Experience. I look forward to starting a conversation and welcome your thoughts, reactions, and suggestions for making this publication as essential to you as your readership is to me.