Make Way for Macaws

The Minnesota Zoo’s Beastly Ball raises money to protect one of the world’s most beautiful and intelligent birds

Event: The Minnesota Zoo’s 24th annual Beastly Ball, held Saturday, April 28.

Cause: Nearly $500,000 was raised for the zoo’s conservation and education programs.

Bird Love: In less than five minutes, $80,000 was raised for the hyacinth macaw, an endangered bird in Brazil. The money will help support the preservation of the macaw’s main nesting site.

Shop Global: In addition to music courtesy of Carnaval Brasileiro, the night included a global market, which included jewelry made in Ecuador, Congo, and Tanzania; wooden décor from the Ivory Coast and Kenya; textiles from Nigeria; and pottery from Mexico.

Dressed to Impress: The guests dressed as colorfully as the birds they were supporting, donning bright gowns and glittery masks. 

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