Making a Statement

For holiday celebrations, style gurus love to remind us to stock our wardrobes with “something extra” that makes an otherwise “meh” ensemble outstanding. We conjure up a little glamour with a pair of jewel-toned shoes or MAC’s matte lipstick in “Russian Red.” When it comes to home decor, the “statement” piece might be a bold accent, vibrantly hued upholstery, or edgy artwork. Whatever it is, it expresses a singular style.

Here are a few  “statement” pieces that speak to me:

Lilypad Tables

Wouldn’t you love a pair of these on your porch or cunningly tucked into your garden? Local artisan Sheryl Tuorila crafted these intricate tables as part of her Zen tile collection. Metalwork is by Kristen Arden.

Cowhide Cube

It’s a stool. It’s an ottoman. It’s a side table. It’s a cowhide-upholstered cube that rolls from one place to the next, and catches the eye with its printed black stripes.

5-Foot French Tower Clock

Designed after a clock that marked the hours beneath a spire of an early 20th century stone tower in the French village of Bray-Sur-Seine, this giant reproduction may not keep time, but it makes a timeless statement.

Crosscut Table

Depending on how you look at it, this table resembles a butterfly or a four-leaf clover. Constructed by Ian Grant as part of his Crosscut Collection, the piece is as unique as the reclaimed wood that forms its top. Order it in a single, double, or foursome size.

Atelier Chesterfield Couch

Wouldn’t you love to bask in the glow of this sunny leather couch?

Tattoo Bowl

If you appreciate the artistry of tattoos, you will surely like this bowl by glass artist Ludvig Lofgren. Capturing a rock n’ roll romantic vibe, the Kosta Boda Tattoo Series showcases a new environmentally friendly painting technique.

Matador Red Feet Tiles

Use these handmade mosaic feet to cut a path in your bathroom or lead the way down your favorite garden path. Set of eight feet is also available in canary yellow.

Sunburst Mirror

Each glimpse you catch of yourself in this small circle mirror will be surrounded by a golden petal.

Kantela Weave

Playfully vibrant with its zigs and zags of color, this hand-woven piece by Kelly Marshall is guaranteed to draw attention as a floor covering or wall hanging.

Korolla Chair

Inspired by the transformational phases of water, these Alice-in-Wonderland waterspout-looking chairs from Odue combine nature and abstract art.