Making the Old New

Dear Expert: I just bought a new home and need new furniture, but I have a few pieces I would like to keep. I’m nervous that an interior designer is going to tell me I have to throw everything out and start over. Is this true?

A. This isn’t true! You don’t need to throw everything out when starting a new design project. In fact, I love it when a client has a treasured piece of art, a unique collection, or an heirloom chair that holds family history and sentimental value. Oftentimes these items become the inspiration for the new interior design. An experienced designer can help you interpret your style—no matter what that is—and blend the old furnishings with the new into an aesthetically pleasing and functional outcome that reflects both your personality and your lifestyle.

—Letitia Little
Allied ASID, CID
Letitia Little Interior Design