Market Watch

This summer, the Mill City Farmers Market has a whole new level of gourmet goodies—some to eat on site, others to take home and cook

Alaskan Salmon

Minnesota native and Alaskan fisherman Matt Oxford sells his wild-caught Alaskan fish at Mill City Market all summer, first at the new “General Store” booth, and later at his own stand.


Ricotta Cheese

Behold, the single hottest item in the market: Shepherd’s Way’s fresh, artisanal ricotta. It typically sells out in minutes. (Yes, it’s that good.) If you want some of the local farm’s cheese, set your alarm—the market opens at 8 a.m.


Chocolate Mousse

Carrie Summer may be known as the doughnut lady, but this year her Urban Donut is dishing up more, like this chocolate mousse with mocha brittle.


Dim Sum

Neil Nguyen, of Omely Food, offers fresh, hot dim sum to eat while you shop as well as frozen trays to take home and keep for quick appetizers.


Mill City Farmers Market, Chicago Ave. and Second St. S., Minneapolis, 612-341-7580; open Saturdays from 8–1 until October 18.