May 2008 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers regarding the last issue of <em>Minnesota Monthly </em>

Dredging Up the Past

Attorney Brian O’Neill’s nearly 20-year fight for Alaska’s fishermen and residents makes him a hero for humanity (“The Long Hard Slog,” March). The Exxon Valdez oil-tanker spill was the biggest sea-polluting spill in history, and it ruined the lives of thousands of Alaskans. It takes tenacity to take on the Exxon corporation, and if more people would acknowledge such errors (as Mr. O’Neill has with this case), perhaps we could return to the democracy we are supposed to have.

Klaus Mitterhauser

North Branch

Travel Advisory

Regarding your hotel recommendations in your February issue (“Survive, Revive: Cancun”), Hotel Lunata may be the most charming hotel in Playa del Carmen. The receptionist on duty during our recent stay was absolutely delightful and spoke English better than some Americans. But your readers should know that there is no elevator, nor is there motor-vehicle access to the hotel. And we discovered that noise from the club across the way is known to overpower the best of earplugs in street-facing rooms.

David Wolff

A Better Best

I always appreciate the special consideration to women’s issues get in your magazine. However, it would be nice if next year’s Best Doctors list (“Best Doctors for Women,” March) included a listing of physicians that are gay friendly. Doctors advertise many “areas of interest” to attract customers, and I think that being “gay friendly” would be another way to appeal to a significant segment of the Twin Cities’ population.

Carolyn Ringhofer

Fans of Pehl

Thank you for adding Mary Jo Pehl to your group of writers. Her essays are touching and funny. She is one of those authors, few and far between, who make me wonder how she knows me so well.

Karen Stephens

Arden Hills

The Great State

In the salary-comparison chart on page 55 of the January issue (“Who Makes What”), we in the greater Minnesota area are referred to as “outstate.” If we were “outstate,” we would be in Wisconsin/the Dakotas/Iowa, or worse yet—Canada. Please note that we prefer the term “Greater Minnesota.”

Mabel Anderson
Two Harbors

Here’s what the community has been saying…

“Reality Bytes” (March)
Well, this will go down as one of the most horrific cases of spousal rage that I have ever seen. I felt confident thinking case closed, assuming the facts presented in the trial would match those from the arrest warrant. It will only get worse for Matt, not better, when the trial starts. [Blogger Steve] Huff’s take on Matt and Kira was intriguing, and so was this article.
—Posted by Darby

“This Way In” (March)
A great article about a great man. Yuri has nearly single-handedly altered the landscape of the Minneapolis art scene. I have known Yuri for years and watched this dream of his take shape. Minneapolis is fortunate to have his level of personal commitment, sincerity, and innovative mindfulness in a city that is often comprised of elitist art venues that fail to look in their own back yard.
—Posted by asp521

“The Toughest Man Alive”
How did Pierre do in the 2007 Badwater Marathon?
—Posted by Mary

Editor’s note:

Ultramarathon runner Pierre Ostor finished the Arrowhead 135-mile race on foot, taking seventh place, at 54 hours and 55 minutes.

2008 Tamarack Award

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