Messersmith on Camera

Pop-rocker Jeremy Messersmith’s videos are as creative as his music

Jeremy Messersmith wears his emotions on his lovely velvet jacket sleeve. And his affections are no less in evidence in his music videos, even if he rarely appears in them.

Messersmith reveals his enduring love for Star Wars, not that it was ever very hidden, in this animated tribute to Luke’s home planet (not the city in Tunisia from which the name was borrowed). Interestingly, it’s gotten about 10 times more hits than any other of his videos, evidence that the Star Wars fan base has discovered it.

“A Girl, A Boy, and Graveyard”

This song, arguably among the sweetest—or bittersweetest—to be recorded by anyone in 2010, was featured on the hit NBC show Chuck.

“Organ Donor”

Messersmith’s latest album, The Reluctant Graveyard, falls somewhere between Tim Burton and The Zombies circa 1966, with Wes Andersen standing nearby in a corduroy coat for hip inspiration.


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