MH Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

The upcoming April/May issue of Midwest Home will include a three-page photo feature on using antique or otherwise “found” vessels as flower vases. This is an idea that Chris Lee, the editor of Midwest Home, came up with, hoping that it would inspire more people to celebrate the seasons with flowers. “The idea is, flowers are a relatively affordable indulgence—even in a recession, people can afford to have stunning bouquets,” she says. And if you have interesting, meaningful vessels for them—even better. She and art director Jessica Meihack scouted the gorgeous, Minneapolis loft home of Mary Marsden and decided it was a perfect fit for the photo shoot, with lots of natural lighting and interesting antiques that Marsden has acquired through her global travels. Jessica snapped a few photos from the photo shoot, to give you an idea of the kind of fussing that goes on behind each and every page of Midwest Home‘s editorial section.

Above: Todd and Chris examine the shot on one of the magazine’s latops. Digital Photography makes it possible for the editors to see exactly how the magazine page will look before they even leave the shoot set.


Above left: Photography Manager Todd Buchanan adjusts the light while Midwest Home editor Chris Lee adjusts a bouquet of black parrot tulips, umbrella ferns, and French pussy willows by Bastian + Skoog Urban Flower Studio. The arrangement is in a rare, pewter wine decanter, and placed on a 200-year-old hand-carved French gothic buffet, both owned by Mary Marsden.
Above right: Chris tries the same arrangement near a window in Marsden’s loft.

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