Mini-Minneapolis Comedy Fest

The Minneapolis comedy scene finally has a festival they can brag about—and that’s no laughing matter

It’s time to get your gut busted as the comedy kings (and the occasional queen) of Minneapolis take the stage and battle for your hearts, laughs, and, yes, even the occasional snort. We’re talking about a showing of the best in the Comedy Corner Underground’s new festival, the Mini-Minneapolis Comedy Fest. Performers who have graced the David Letterman Show and Comedy Central will take a stab at entertaining Minnesotans in nine themed shows.

Tonight’s show will pin emcees from the hottest comedy clubs in town against each other, battling to win the title of Minneapolis’s funniest emcee. Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, it’s all about Twitter—jokes in 140 characters or less. And the comedians hope to keep you laughing as the shows continue with the “Punchline Punchout,” an open-mic night, and round two of “The Dirty Show.” A knockout hit ends the festival, as all of the best acts return for an encore performance in “The Best of the Fest” show. It’s about time you made time for a fun ab workout.

Mini-Minneapolis Comedy Fest
The Comedy Corner Underground, 1501 Washington Ave. S., Mpls. (basement of The Corner Bar)
Now through Sunday, August 14
Time varies, see website:

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