Minneapolis Stop for Antiques Roadshow

Top all-time winner of the
Roadshow lottery: 8th Century
Chinese Qianlong Period jade
collection valued at $710,000
to $1,070,000 in Raleigh, NC.

Attention owners of antiques, pop ephemera, collectibles, and other miscellaneous cool stuff: PBS’s Antiques Roadshow is coming to town this summer. It’s your chance to get an expert appraisal of your treasures—anything from heirloom jewelry to garage-sale pottery. As fans know. the show is akin to antique roulette: Some people hit it big, discovering that the art deco poster they found moldering in grandma’s attic is worth thousands. Others aren’t so lucky; I remember one episode in which the proud owner of a 19th century African fertility mask found out he’d purchased an artfully aged fake. 

Take your best shot with a prized possession July 9, when the show will be taping in Minneapolis for the 2012 season. After Antiques Roadshow’s season premiere tonight at 7 p.m., ticket applications and complete ticketing rules will be available on pbs.org/antiques or at 1-888-762-3749. Admission to Antiques Roadshow events is free, but tickets are required and must be obtained in advance. Ticket applications must be received by April 18, 2011; tickets will be awarded by random drawing.

Roadshow in Dallas.