Minneapolis Theatre Garage

711 Franklin Ave. W., Mpls.


Giant Toddler Productions
Jake and Zelda, young newlyweds, hope moving into a new house ends the tension between them. But when Jake confides in his friend Martin how he plans to fix his marriage, the truth of their lives is revealed. Written by Anthony Rydberg. Ages 16+ Adult language

Maria: A Comtemporary Tragedy

Christina Lein
Euripides’ epic Greek tragedy “Medea” thrust into the present-day United States. Resurrected Maria collides head-first with current immigration turmoil and political corruption. Created by Christina Lein. Ages 16+ Violence, Adult language, Loud noise/gunshots

The Mutant Squad!

Youth Performance Company
Comedy/Sci-fi/mystery Teens
Get your chainsaw and fight alongside Axl, Walter, Winona and Po as they crush mutant skulls with more style than Macaulay Culkin. Who knew the summer of ’93 was so rad?! Created by Nick Clark and Kaitlyn Andrews. Ages 10+ Violence, Adult language, Strobe lights, Loud noise/gunshots


Warsh Iut Productions
He’s gay. She’s straight. And now they’re having a baby. How much can these opposites truly endure with one another? See this hilarious dark comedy and find out! Created by Jasmine Rush and Colin Waitt. Ages 15+ Adult language

Strange Weather

The Great Heresy Theater Company
Set centuries into the future, “Strange Weather” is the story of human survival in a landscape that has been dramatically and permanently altered by postindustrial civilization, which has long since collapsed. Written by Sarah M. Wash. Ages 13+ Loud noise/gunshots


The New Theatre Group
From the company that created “American Sexy” and “How to Cheat” comes a new crime drama about three people wrestling with their damaged past. Each struggles to find strength in this tight and emotional new play. Written by Dominic Orlando. Ages 16+

That Chair Was My Wife

Deaf Blender Theatre
So many chairs, so little time: A furniture salesman struggles with his extremely unhealthy obsession with chairs. (If you’ve ever broken up with a gorgeous chair, you’re welcome to commiserate.) Written by Raymond Luczak. Ages 18+ Adult language

Thin Mint

The Bakery Theatre Company
Comedy Teens
Secrets, Sexuality, and the Pinewood Derby. A troop’s misadventure to scatter the ashes of a fellow Boy Scout on Chessapeake Hills takes a turn for the worst when they become entangled with “Thin Mint dealers”. Created by Anders Nerheim and Dylan Frederick. Ages 13+

The Vegas Project (#1)

Maythinee Washington
From Las Vegas: Sin City native, Maythinee Washington, thinks Las Vegas is the most truthful city in the U.S. Her new show contrasts the bizarre and the surprisingly conventional to examine this uniquely American microcosm. Created by Maythinee Washington. Ages 12+ Adult language

Where Egos Dare: The Musical!

New Breath Productions
Musical theater/Comedy
When reunion rivals rise, whose talent lastly takes the prize? When star-crossed lovers passions flare, will they survive where egos dare? Our musical if you attend, these thoughts our toil shall strive to end. Created by Chris & Laurie Kemp & the Cast. Ages 8+

Winnemucca (three days in the belly)

Shelby Company
From New York and Bay Area, Calif.: Jonah wakes up bloody in a seedy motel. With Big Chet and Suede Lucy’s help he must complete a task he doesn’t comprehend. This darkly funny new play asks, “How do three days in the belly make a man a prophet?” Written by Dan Moyer. Ages 12+ Adult language

Thursday, July 30

5:30 That Chair Was My Wife
7:00 The Mutant Squad!
8:30 Winnemucca
10:00 Where Egos Dare

Friday, July 31

5:30 Strong
7:00 Oops!
8:30 Winnemucca
10:00 Thin Mint

Saturday, August 1

1:00 Foolproof
2:30 Thin Mint
4:00 Winnemucca
5:30 Maria
7:00 Strange Weather
8:30 The Vegas Project (#1)
10:00 Strong

Sunday, August 2

1:00 That Chair Was My Wife
2:30 The Mutant Squad!
4:00 Strange Weather
5:30 Foolproof
7:00 Thin Mint
8:30 Oops!
10:00 Maria

Monday, August 3

5:30 Strange Weather
7:00 Maria
8:30 The Vegas Project (#1)
10:00 Winnemucca

Tuesday, August 4

5:30 Foolproof
7:00 The Vegas Project (#1)
8:30 Where Egos Dare
10:00 Strange Weather

Wednesday, August 5

5:30 Oops!
7:00 Winnemucca
8:30 Thin Mint
10:00 The Mutant Squad!

Thursday, August 6

5:30 That Chair Was My Wife
7:00 Strong
8:30 Strange Weather
10:00 Oops!




Friday, August 7

4:00 The Vegas Project (#1)
5:30 That Chair Was My Wife
7:00 Foolproof
8:30 Where Egos Dare
10:00 Strong

Saturday, August 8

1:00 Oops!
2:30 The Vegas Project (#1)
4:00 Where Egos Dare
5:30 Maria
7:00 The Mutant Squad!
8:30 Foolproof
10:00 Thin Mint

Sunday, August 9

1:00 Where Egos Dare
2:30 That Chair Was My Wife
4:00 Maria
5:30 The Mutant Squad!
7:00 Strong
8:30 Fringe Encore