Minnesota Biking 2005-2006

Bike Trails

Minnesota has more miles of paved rail-to-trail bikeways than any other state. Developed along former railroad beds, these paved trails offer smooth, mostly level, easygoing biking through scenic corridors. Discover a trail.

Mountain Biking

You’ll find all kinds of mountain biking trails in Minnesota, from easygoing to wild off-road rides. Some downhill ski areas invite mountain bikers to their slopes in the off seasons, while roads and trails in the Chippewa and Superior National Forests also offer hundreds of miles to explore. Here are some of the state’s mountain biking destinations.

Biking Listings

Find businesses along the trails to help make the most of your biking experiences. Accommodations, bike stores, and more are available through these advertisers, right here.

Annual Events

Minnesota has many bike rides, guided tours, and races. Get the details on participating in these fun biking events.

State Parks

Minnesota State Parks also have surfaced and mountain bike trails. Choose a park with this chart.

Touring MN Roads

Find out which highways are most suitable for biking and how to order maps. Plus bicycle safety tips. All here.


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