Minnesota Zoo – Kangaroo Crossing

Minnesota Zoo – Kangaroo Crossing

Open now through Labor Day!

See the new Australian exhibit this summer at the Minnesota Zoo and experience the outback. Roam the land with kangaroos, wallabies and emus for a truly authentic experience. It’s going to be wild, mate! mnzoo.org/kangaroocrossing

Meet an Aussie

The Minnesota Zoo is bringing the “Land Down Under” up north this summer with an immersive walkabout experience along the Northern Trail. It will leave you feeling like you were just hiking in Australia, as you explore the multi-species habitat and see these animals up close. You literally walk through the exhibit with these outback ambassadors! Guests are able to view the animals from the main pathway, as well as the Kangaroo Crossing (which is included in your admission to the Minnesota Zoo). 

Daily Exhibit Activities

• Kangaroo Crossing walkabout experience
• Wings Financial World of Birds Show featuring Coconut and more!
• Walkabout Grill with Australia-themed food and beverages
• Weekly “Jump Squad” appearances at the Zoo and around Minnesota
• Backstage with Kangaroos: mnzoo.org/blog/programs/backstage-pass

• Australia Birthday Parties: mnzoo.org/rent-the-zoo/birthday-parties

• #SpotARoo
• Kangaroo Crossing coloring sheet

For more information about events and other programs at the Minnesota Zoo this summer, visit: mnzoo.org