Missoni for Target—Your Take?

Missoni’s collection for Target released early this week to a flurry of excitement—and promptly sold out everywhere. The frenzy crashed Target’s website for much of Tuesday afternoon, and a visit to the Target flagship here in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday morning revealed only a smattering of Missoni items still in stock. Unless you’re on the hunt for a shower curtain or a pair of ballet flats, size five and a half, you’re out of luck.

Of course, savvy (ahem, greedy is more like it) shoppers are already profiting from their luck—as early as yesterday afternoon, hoardes of Missoni for Target items were appearing on eBay for double and triple the original price. If you’re desperate enough to snatch up some Missoni, you’re sure to find some there, but make sure to check the Target site first, as selected items (baby ponchos, girls’ leggings, the occasional plate) are still in stock. Woe to the careless eBay shopper who spends $1000 on a bike that can be purchased here for a mere $399.

So I’m interested to hear, dear readers—what’s your take? Were you a disappointed Missoni fan? Did you witness the around-the-block lines waiting for the Tarjhay doors to be thrown open? Don’t really get what all the fuss is about?

Personally, I’m in the latter camp. While I love a good chevron stripe (like so), I wasn’t a huge fan of the Missoni for Target color pairings, or the skinny stripes. I tend to prefer simple and classic design with pops of bold color or pattern, and I found much of the collection to be a little…well, much.

What’s your take?