MN Etsy Finds

Midwest Home is a huge proponent of shopping local, but when you’ve got a to-do list a million miles long, the siren call of Internet shopping can be too alluring to resist. A happy compromise? Etsy. You get the convenience of online shopping, plus you can support local artists. Here are some Minnesota-themed finds from some great local artists—show your hometown pride! 

This bold print (right) by Laura Belle Hanley of Locality is reminiscent of a vintage bus blind, plus it features all your favorite local haunts. Canvas Print, $58

Maps, Minnesota, and typography: What’s not to love? Artist Dain Larson hits the trifecta spot-on with his Up North painting, $35.

Lovely is definitely the right word for this charming floral silhouette screenprint by Sara Lintner of Too Many Suitors. Lovely Minnesota, $25.

Elana over at Fontlove Studios is the talent behind this irreverent area-code shout out. MSP FTW is right! Minneapolis/Saint Paul For The Win, $12. I’m also loving her letterpress Minneapolis map, $20.

I may have moved away, but I still have a soft spot for Uptown. And I love First Ave. And the Gold Medal Flour sign. Oh rats, how’s a girl to decide? Perhaps the Minneapolis Icons Card Set will be a happy compromise. Prints, $20, Card Set, $16, from redshoes26 design.

As a former geology major, I’ve spent my fair share of time poring over bathymetric and topographic maps. Somehow, none of those laminated monstrosities can hold a candle to artist Marnie Karger’s intricate bathymetric paper cuttings. Whether it’s Lake Minnetonka, Leech Lake, or your old hometown swimming hole, she can do it with elegance and simplicity. Father’s Day gifts, anyone? Cutout Bathymetric Maps, $35. Custom Bathymetric Map, $75.

Don’t worry, Saint Paul, we know what’s up, and so do the folks at Vandalia Street Press. Tell all your friends: Saint Paul is the new Minneapolis. Card, $4.50.

William Dohman is one-half of the brains behind Oh Dier, but we really love him because he’s married to Minnesota Monthly‘s inimitable Style Editor, Katie Dohman. Oh, and because of this recycled wooden mpls sign, $50.

Any of these catch your eye? Do you have any favorite local finds that weren’t featured here? Let us know!