Modern Family (Homes)

Even though the Mad Men cast is whizzing through the end of the ’60s toward the super-mod ’70s, the market is still gangbusters for those of us who love midcentury modern design. (This includes me, and my husband, and a few others, and I know we’d all feel compelled to explain that we were midcentury lovers before Mad Men, and that Mad Men is at once great for the design era and also terrible for deal-seekers for merchandise from the era.)

So, home decorators, architects, and the rest of yous kids who love or are interested in midcentury design: This Saturday, Docomomo hosts its annual midcentury modern house tour. For the uninitiated, Docomomo is an organization dedicated to the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the modern movement, and they work to show off the gems we have in the area. This year’s tour consists of eight homes, all designed between the years 1941-1960. (Get a peek here.)

The first leg of the tour is a study of three homes, all designed by Robert Cerny. The second leg consists of five homes, designed by the likes of Richard Babcock, Graffunder and Nagle, Long and Thorsov, and William Rafferty, among others. The day ends with an afterparty at one of the homes. (How a midcentury home should be appreciated! I’d hope for some killer bar setup and barware.)

This is one home tour that’s not to be missed!

Tickets, $15-$30. Saturday, October 6, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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