My Favorite Thing

Every year, a lucky audience of women (and a few men) cry and scream and speak in tongues when Oprah surprises them with her Favorite Things show. While my husband watches this episode for sport, I take copious notes.

I’m not sure whether to be proud or completely sheepish that I already owned or had gifted at least half of the list already. No, not the $3800 HDTV refrigerator with weather and info center (it’s not self-cleaning), but I concur that life wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without my pair of UGGs, a KitchenAid mixer, Planet Earth DVDs, and Kai body products. For Christmas I also scooped up Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth for Dad and Josh Groban’s Noel CD for Grandma.

Had I been in Oprah’s studio audience that day, the one thing I would have thrown my body to the ground over was the Clarisonic Skincare System. Not since the Zeno that I wanted in college has a product (a word I reserve for things beauty-related) roused such animal desire. Oprah promised smooth, glowing skin, and for a woman who can have any product, that is quite the endorsement. Plus, this before and after raised my blood pressure. So I splurged for one at Cos Bar and charged that baby up.

Like its sibling Sonicare toothbrush, the Clarisonic has a soft, rotating brush that moves 300 times per second to deeply cleanse. I can hardly breathe at the thought! Who doesn’t want to feel super-clean everytime you wash your face? Throw in something that foams and it’s the American way. But I am wary of stripping the moisture from my normal skin, and over-exfoliating (I do enough of that with my Philosphy Microdelivery Peel), so using the Clarisonic will be the true test. I spread the cleanser on my face, wet the bristles, and give myself what feels and results in a mini-facial. The Clarisonic is firm yet gentle, buffing the cleanser into my pores, meanwhile massaging my face. The thorough cleanse and stimulation result in a freshly-glowing face every time. My serums and moisturizers absorb more readily, and yes, Ops, my skin does feels smoother.