Natural Luxury

Pure ingredients and a clear purpose lead to superlative skin care

There are plenty of eponymous skin care lines on the market, but you might be particularly familiar with this label, dear readers: By Elizabeth Dehn. Once the byline in this magazine’s very style section, it is now the moniker for a 100-percent-natural skin-care line. Since style editors do their fair share of test-driving, Dehn was perfectly positioned to develop luxurious products that actually work. I was eager to put them to the test. Both the rose-absolute serum and the lemon-balm–scented face spray impart two-hour-facial moisture levels, protect against free radicals, and make skin feel refreshed and dreamy. But the shea cream is a revelation. The heavy concentration of wildcraft-harvested shea butter and shea oil delivers maximum moisture, even healing skin blemishes and eczema. But it doesn’t forsake bells and whistles for performance: the cake-frosting consistency and sweet citrus scent make it a woman’s vanity must-have. Face spray, $28; serum, $48; shea cream, $54; available at

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