New Goose Down Pet Bed from Scandia Down

As the proud “pet parent” of a kitty named Picky-Picky, I’m infinitely susceptible to all kinds of designer goods for my spoiled cat. The Purrounge designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith? Yep, I’ve got one. The “Tigrito” cat bowl designed by Miriam Mirri for Alessi? Yeah, that’s what Picky-Picky uses to scarf up her (organic) kibble. My husband Chris and I have even purchased ground-up chicken (with bones and organs) from Woody’s Pet Food Deli in south Minneapolis, and I’m a loyal reader of Moderncat, the absolutely design-erific blog.

So it’s with absolute love and affection for doting pet owners everywhere when I say: Is it just me, or is this $190 to $320 goose down pet bed in Scandia Down’s new collection a little insane? I mean white? Really?