New Online Boutique & New Jessica Rust!


The word is hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga,” which roughly translates from Danish as being a state of mind to savor the little things, and squeeze out joy and satisfaction from even life’s tiniest pleasures. It’s a lovely idea, though its kind of like naming a movie Gigli. (Gig-ly? Ghee-Lee? What?) In any case, the new-ish online boutique Hygge & West offers a resplendent collection of housewares, art, and letterpress such as dreamy wallpaper from Julia Rothman and Ferm Living; dainty, ethereal ceramics from Denmark, and super-feminine cake stands from London. Best of all, the shops’ co-owner, Aimee Lagos, hails from Minneapolis (yay!), and has dotted her shop with touches from our fair Twin Cities, such as an exclusive violet-patterned votive holder from our very own Jessica Rust, imaginative illustrations by MCAD grad Noel Young, and hand-poured soy wax candles from local company Source Candles. The website is beautifully designed, which makes online shopping soooooo much nicer. Enjoy!