New Year, New Stuff

Welcome back from the holiday hiatus! Now that 2010 is behind us, it’s time to focus on the clean slate that is 2011. Minnesota’s full four seasons offer loads of potential, so here at, we decided to take advantage of the new year and spice up our website a bit by adding a new web feature, Editors’ Picks. (Which you’ve already figured out since you’re reading this, but hey, a little emphasis never hurts.)

This daily letter of sorts from our editorial team gives you a taste of what we think is interesting, important, quirky, fun, or noteworthy at the moment. It could cover anything: from a book we’re reading, to a show we saw, to a fad we’ve noticed—or are trying to start. As always, we welcome feedback, so go ahead—fill up those comment boxes! In return, we promise to fill our website with content that interests Y-O-U. Happy New Year!