Photo courtesy of Grey Crawford

A not-so-big house of your very own? Absolutely. Even a replica of the former St. Paul home of architect Sarah Susanka—the house that inspired Susanka to write her best seller, The Not So Big House, back in 1998. Blueprints of the house that started the better-not-bigger movement, as well as eight other Susanka designs, are now available from at prices ranging from $5,000 to $6,500. The designs are filled with her signature touches—open floor plans, comfortable layouts, built-in shelving, reading nooks, and more. The plans are 20 or more sheets long, much more detailed than the norm, to illustrate the thoughtful details and energy efficiencies that Susanka designed into each house. It’s all about emphasizing quality over quantity, she says, and designs that fit the way we really live.

—Chris Lee