November 2007 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers on the last issue of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>

Right on Target

I absolutely love the cover art on your September issue, and am especially a fan of the images in the story on Target (“Red Hot,” September). It nicely parallels Target’s ads and TV marketing. I work on developing programs and products for Target, and thought this article was very interesting, accurate, and entertaining. Target is a company that sees things for what they are the moment they land in front of them. Keep
up the good work. I hope you do more stories like this in the future.

St. Paul

Near Misses

As much as I enjoyed the “Cool in Theory” list (September), it’s pretty clear you guys missed some obvious entries. It turns out that there are a lot of things in Minnesota one is supposed to love, but can’t. My own list:
• Ely
• St. Paul Winter Carnival
• Dome Dogs
• cabins
• Minnesota State Fair
• Spam
• Calhoun Square
• a weekend in Duluth
• the St. Croix River
• ice fishing
• casual Fridays
• public-access TV
• Cool in Theory lists

St. Louis Park

Icons of Cool

Am I the only one wondering whether being called cool in print makes you uncool (“North Stars,” September)? Quite a fun crowd to be grouped in! Fresh Energy has also enjoyed getting to know all those great young people at LEAD and we hope to get to know more.

Executive Director
Fresh Energy
St. Paul

Web of Intrigue

Editor’s note: Our Cool Issue (September) spawned considerable commentary about the nature of cool on Minnesota websites. Some of our favorites came from postings on, where several people took issue with our “Cool in Theory” list of interesting stuff that almost meets the cool threshold and our “North Stars” collection of “cool” Minnesotans. “These people are neat. And innovative and successful. But cool? Most of them seem kind of nerdy,” wrote one MNSpeak contributor. Another opined, about Tim Gihring’s accompanying article, “The State of Cool”: “The, uh, relative ‘coolness’ of these featured people aside…I did appreciate the accompanying article. Minneapolis feels to me like a city in transition to something very interesting and very different than what it seems to have been 10 or 20 years ago.”

Several people also weighed in on Monika McDermott applauded our choice of Citizens League leader Sean Kershaw as one of the “North Stars,” but wondered about the accompanying image. “Sean Kershaw rocks!” McDermott wrote. “That must be why they made him look like Whistler’s Mother in this picture. Seriously, he’s done a great job with the Citizens League. Omaha doesn’t know what it’s missing.”

And almost everyone took issue with an item or two from our “Cool in Theory” list. “You lost me at Happy Apple and Surly beer,” wrote Paul Barlament of Minneapolis. “In fact, listening to Happy Apple while drinking Surly beer is as cool as it gets.” Robert Bosworth agreed: “I loved the article until the end. I’m with Paul—Happy Apple is one of the best things to come out of Minneapolis, and Surly beer is rad.”

Explosive Topic

I was not happy to read about blowing up Minnesota to look for caves (“Rocking the Underground,” October). Where is caver John Ackerman’s financing from and what is the purpose? The explosives could cause damage to the geological sites he is blowing up and disturb Minnesota’s natural resources.

Eden Prairie

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